Six new Corona cases are known on Monday in the Wesel district
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Six new Corona cases are known on Monday in the Wesel district

 Six new corona cases have now been identified in the  over the weekend. Five of them have performed in Moers, the situation in the other municipalities is very stable.

Six new corona cases have been identified over the weekend in the Wesel district. Five of them performed in Moers, one in Dinslaken. No new infections have been reported for the other communities.

Altogether, the district of Wesel now has a total of 675 confirmed cases over the entire period of the pandemic. This is the state of Monday at 12 noon. There were still 669 cases on Friday afternoon.

589 of all sick people have recovered, 25 people have died. This means that there are currently 61 “active cases” in the district; i.e. people who are in quarantine because of a proven infection.

The Wesel district will report the following figures for the individual cities and municipalities on Monday (as of June 22, 2020, 12 noon):

Alps (12,450 inhabitants) Detected infections: 15, of which recovered: 15.

Dinslaken (67,469 inhabitants) Detected infections: 103, of which recovered: 92.Died: 2.

Hamminkeln (26,861 inhabitants) Detected infections: 38, of which recovered: 34. Died: 1.

Hünxe (13,532 inhabitants) Detected infections: 29, of which recovered: 27. Died: 2.

Kamp-Lintfort (37,425 inhabitants) Detected infections: 62, of which recovered: 44.Died: 7.

Moers (103,680 inhabitants) Detected infections: 144, of which recovered: 120. Died: 4.

Neukirchen-Vluyn (26,991 inhabitants) Detected infections: 41, of which recovered: 38.Dead: 3.

Rheinberg (31,004 inhabitants) Detected infections: 48, of which recovered: 45.

Schermbeck (13,643 inhabitants) Detected infections: 40, of which recovered: 36.

Sonsbeck (8725 inhabitants) Detected infection: 16, of which recovered: 13. Died: 3.

Voerde (35,996 inhabitants) Detected infections: 58, of which recovered: 53.

Wesel (60,295 inhabitants) Detected infections: 56, of which recovered: 49. Died: 1.

Xanten (21,644 inhabitants) Detected infection: 25, of which recovered: 23. Died: 2.

District of Wesel in total (459,715 inhabitants) Detected infections: 675, of which recovered: 589, currently in quarantine: 61. Died: 25.

The current seven-day incidence in the Wesel district is again 2.0. The seven-day incidence indicates how many new infections per 100,000 inhabitants have been reported within the last seven days.

At the end of February, a person had tested positive for the corona virus in the Wesel district for the first time.

Source: District of Wesel. The population relates to the status as of June 30, 2019.

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