Our Team


Gavin Clark


EMIAL: Gavin.Clark@finlandtribune.com

Gavin Clark is still right on start into his profession as digital advertising strategist and has just had his work published in many significant publications including Finlandtribune and Android Authority. With respect to academics, Steve earned a degree in business from California State University. Steve has an enthusiasm for rising technology and covers coming products in science and technology.

Tim Hart


EMAIL: Tim.Hart@finlandtribune.com

Tim Hart brought Finlandtribune from week after week bulletin to an proper news publication by his great work. He keeps on helping with keeping the site responsive and efficient for the users. As a supporter of Finlandtribune, Deborah for the most part covers major stock updates.

Isaac Anderson


EMAIL: Isaac.Anderson@finlandtribune.com

With 5 years of experience as an editor, Isaac has been a crucial part of Finlandtribune since its inception. He looks after the editing of news content published on Finlandtribune. Apart from investing his time in editing, he also provides well-researched news articles for the U.S. niche.

Mary Lewis

(Assistant Editor)

EMAIL: Mary.Lewis@finlandtribune.com

Mary  is a Technology enthusiast and a writer by night. He has been a part of Finlandtribune for quite some time and he contributes knowledgeable news articles from the Technology niche.

Carl Abraham


EMAIL: Carl.Abraham@finlandtribune.com

After working for 7 years as a Internet Marketer, Carl now  aims to explore the journalistic side of Internet. With his impeccable knowledge in this domain, he churns out some of the best news articles from the internet niche.