All In Sanitation Services Introduces Affordable Grease Trap Pumping Services For Commercial Kitchens

All In Sanitation Services is a certified and licensed grease trap cleaning service catering to the needs of commercial kitchens of all sizes.


Beverly Hills, CA (January 27, 2023) – When it comes to the collection and treatment of waste water different substances need to be collected in different ways to prevent damage to the equipment. It is also necessary to reduce the risk of reactions or damage due to hazardous material. Knowledge of such information is critical in the collection and disposal of wastewater from restaurants that have been collected in traps that hold the grease. Individuals who have experience working in a restaurant know that they have to clean oil fryers and that hot oil disposal is handled on-site with traps to hold the grease.

When the grease cools and solidifies it starts to create layers on whatever is holding onto it. Fat and oil eventually flow into pump trucks and then to the wastewater facility when transferred from the septic collection station. It can quickly turn into big problems by blocking transfer lines and pipes. Grease traps help prevent such things from happening as it separates animal oil from wastewater eventually disposed of as solid. Attract to hold this oily substance is a large buried cement container that gathers kitchen refuse into the tank of water for removal at a later stage.

When fryers and other cooking vats are emptied hot oil is sent to an underground trap for the residue. The device is necessary for every restaurant and needs to be properly serviced to avoid damage or contamination to the public water treatment facility. It is at these facilities that two things happen food particles float down to the bottom of the tank while fat, oil, and grease stay on the top and solidify. Water in the trap is made to pass through a filtered and then released into the regular public sea with a system. Fat oil and grease are removed by grease-hauling pumper trucks and transported to particular disposal sides that keep the material from entering the municipal sewer system.

Trucks that service traps and termed as grease hollows that collect only F.O.G and water from local collection boxes on a regular schedule. All types of oils and water go into the structure to be transported to specific dumping sites where the fat will not harm the environment or gate into the wastewater plant or public septic line. Prevention is the best practice to keep the lines in proper working condition. As the grease-hauling trucks run with hoses pumping into a big tank the trucks and tanks also required cleaning every 3 months or sooner. Just as it can block the sewer lines F.O.G block houses and take up the volume in pumper tanks. Therefore keeping them clean and free of residual fat and grease is an absolute must.

Because of the regulations that need to be followed when pumping and dumping fat, oil, and grease municipal areas have big to impose regulatory measures to the process so there is no guessing where a load of oily substance is taken. Pumping services for grease traps that are involved in grease hauling must evaluate their process and disposal record at regular intervals. It will help retain employees that do not follow protocol while showing up at the work site.

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