The French woman who has spent three years trying to prove that you are not dead

“I am not nothing,” says Jeanne Pouchain, who has not managed to ‘resurrect’ in the eyes of the authorities after being declared dead by mistake in a judgment of November 2017

Jeanne Pouchain, in the salt
Jeanne Pouchain, in the salon of his house.JEAN-PHILIPPE KSIAZEKAFP

In November 2017, Jeanne Pouchain he was declared dead by mistake in a judgment on an old labor dispute. An has not made the authorities reject the sentence and continues trying to prove that, evidently, is still alive.

On the 10th of November 2017, the social room of the Court of Appeal of Lyon took for granted, errneamente, that Pouchain, involved in an ancient conflict work, it was dead, inform The Guardian. The information of his death was provided during the trial and the court fall against the supposed beneficiaries -the husband and son, who were absent at the hearing-.

Pouchain has spent three years trying to be resurrected officially. Woman of 58 years old and resident in Saint-Joseph, near Lyon, it has not existed in the eyes of the administration of France from 2017after a long legal dispute that involucr to a former employee of your cleaning company.

“I went to see a lawyer who told me that they will resolve it quickly, since my medical certificate that there still was alive. But due to a failure [legal]this was not enough, ” said Pouchain to local journalists.

His lawyer, Sylvain Cormier, and also I was amazed by the process. “It’s a crazy story. Not pruning to believe. Never thought that a judge declared to be dead to someone without a certificate. But the plaintiff stated that Ms. Pouchain was dead, without providing any evidence and everyone believed her. No one comprob”, told the AFP.

After informing his former employee of the alleged Pouchain, the woman was erased from the official records, and to break his identity card, driving license, bank account, medical insurance and other official documents necessary to prove its existence.

While your lawyer looks for this week legal forms of to bring it back to life officially, Pouchain acus to your ex employed to invent your death in an attempt to obtain damages and prejudice of his heirs. The lawyer of the employee argument that Pouchain was the one who had done the dead, to avoid paying the damages, allegations she has denied.

“I do not have identity documents, or medical insurance, I can not prove to the banks that I am alive… I am not nothing,” he said Pouchain. “It is time to say ‘enough’. If I don’t fight, no one to fight for m. The grandmother of my husband has 102 years old, has lived through many things, including the war, but says he has never experienced anything as hard as what I am suffering I”.

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