Moon Jae-in is still willing to meet with Pionyang “where and when”

Moon also assured him that his Executive work to strengthen the alliance with Washington with the imminent arrival to the White House to Joe Biden

Transentes, attentive to the message of the president of south korea Moon Jae-in.JEON HEON-KYUNEFE

The south Korean president, Moon Jae-in, he said today that his Government remained willing to meet with representatives of north Korean “where and when” to revive ties and the process of disarmament with Pionyang, in a moment in which the dialogue is pretty much frozen.

Moon said in his speech of New year that his Government is working to achieve a “great transition countries” in the stalled peace process and desnuclearizacin, and that “the key driver for the process of peace in the peninsula, Korean is the dialogue”.

“Our desire to meet (with North Korea) where and when it is, even though it is not face-to-face, remains intact”, aadi.

Moon also assured him that his Executive work for strengthen the alliance with Washington with the imminent arrival in the White House of the president-elect Joe Biden.

Since the failure of the summit on desnuclearizacin of Hani in 2019 between the leader north korea, Kim Jong-un, and an american president, Donald Trump, Pionyang has been hardening his tone with Sel, ally of Washington.

The pandemic, which has led North Korea to close their borders to cal and singing to avoid that to expand into your territory, has contributed to isolate an ms mode, which has even rejected cooperation to combat the covid-19 offered by the Executive of south korea.

North korea celebrates besides these das the congress of the party, nico, during which Kim Jong-un has urged the incoming Government of Joe Biden to propose new alternatives to resume the dialogue on desnuclearizacin, warning that the army north korea prepares new test of arms.

The leader north korea does not lock the door to reset the dialogue with Sel, but inst the South to abandon its joint military exercises with the US if it intends to resume ties.

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