Kim Jong-un appointed general secretary of the single-party north Korean

Jo Yong-won, one of the assistants closest to the own Kim Jong-un, has become one of the five most powerful figures of the dome of the regime

The north Korean leader, Kim JOng-un.
The north Korean leader, Kim JOng-un.KCNAEFE

The north Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has been appointed secretary general of the Workers ‘ Party during the congress held these days in Pionyang the unique formation of the asian country, reported on Monday the state-run news agency KCNA.

The appointment was initiated on the sixth day of the conference (held on Sunday) to be restored by the secretariat general, removed in the previous congress in may 2016, in which the actual Kim was appointed president of the Workers ‘ Party.

For its part, the sister of the leader, Kim Yo-jong, it has not been included in the list of members, alternates of the political bureau of the party.

In turn, Jo Yong-won, deputy director of the powerful Department of Organization and Guidance of the party and is considered one of the closest aides to the own Kim Jong-un, has been elected as a member of the presidium of the politburo, the main decision-making body of the party, which replaces Pak Pong-ju.

Jo becomes this way one of the five most powerful figures of the dome of the regime next to the, until now, four other members of the presidium: the Kim Jong-un, Choi Ryong-hae, Ri Pyong-chol and Kim Tok-hun.

Kim Yo-jong, sister of north Korean leader and one of the most influential people in the asian country.
Kim Yo-jong, sister of north Korean leader and one of the most influential people in the asian country.JORGE SILVA / POOLEFE

In addition to the review of the organization chart, the eighth congress of the Party of the Workers, whose celebration this year has been surrounded by great secrecy by the regime, intended to establish a new five-year plan to stimulate the battered north Korean economy.

In the course of the event Kim Jong-un has also warned that The US remains the main enemy of the regime and urged indirectly to the incoming Government of Joe Biden to propose new alternatives to resume the dialogue on denuclearization, warning that the north Korean army moved prepares new weapons tests.

On the other hand, the Joint staff (JCS) of south korea reported on Monday in a press release that it has detected signs of possible celebration on Sunday evening (local time) of a military parade “related to the congress” on the plaza of Kim Il-sung of Pionyang.

The military authorities in south Korean and american are close monitoring of the situation and do not rule out “the possibility of a trial”, adds the text.

Satellite images have shown in recent weeks preparations for a parade that would serve to put an end to the congress, as happened in the above quote of 2016.

The north korea media still have not indicated the date on which it will end the congress, although they have informed that will continue to be held this Monday.

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