Ex-security advisor John Bolton sharply criticizes Trump's North Korea policy
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Ex-security advisor John Bolton sharply criticizes Trump’s North Korea policy

John Bolton was once Donald Trump’s security advisor. In the meantime, he has become a keen critic of the US president. In a TV interview, he has now also settled with Trump’s North Korea policy.

Former U.S. National Security Advisor Bolton has taken a sharp stand with U.S. President Donald Trump’s North Korea policy .

He assumes that North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un is “laughing” at Trump’s view of his relationship with Pyongyang, Bolton said on Sunday (local time) on ABC. A further term of Trump would permanently damage the US from Bolton’s point of view.

Trump considered letters “written by some official from the North Korean Party of Labor’s propaganda department” as evidence of his “deep friendship” with Kim , Bolton said. The North Korean ruler could only have laughed at that, he added.

South Korea disagrees with representation of Bolton
Bolton’s revelation book, The Room Where It Happened , appears this Tuesday , in which he makes serious allegations against the President. The White House had tried unsuccessfully to stop the release.

Seoul has since responded to Bolton’s book, as the former National Security Advisor also criticized South Korean President Moon Jae In in connection with the Trump-Kim meetings in 2018.

Bolton calls the entire process of rapprochement with Kim a “creation of South Korea that served South Korea’s agenda of ‘unification’ much more than a serious strategy by Kims or our side”.

The South Korean presidential office said Monday that Bolton would “distort” reality and jeopardize upcoming talks with Kim. In connection with South Korea’s role, the book also mentions Chung Eui Yong, President Moon’s security advisor, several times.

Chung is said to have said Trump first that Kim wanted to meet. Chung described Bolton’s book as “a strong distortion of the facts.” In addition, the disclosure of bilateral nuclear talks violated “basic diplomatic principles”.

Ex-advisor warns of Trump’s second term
Speaking to ABC broadcaster , Bolton also warned of Trump’s re-election in November. “I hope history will remember Trump as a one-term president who hasn’t irrevocably plunged the country into a downward spiral that we can’t stop. We can survive a term,” said Bolton.

He had no intention of voting for Trump or Democrat Joe Biden in November. Instead, Bolton wants to “think of a conservative Republican” when filling out his ballot.

The Republican, who has served many U.S. presidents, left the White House in strife in September 2019 after less than a year and a half in office. On numerous foreign policy issues, he had crossed with Trump.

In his book, Trump also criticized Bolton for subordinating his entire foreign policy to the goal of being elected for a second term, according to US media reports. For example, he appealed to Chinese leader Xi Jinping to help him in the election campaign by increasing Chinese agricultural imports from the United States. (afp / thp)

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