How broke is Alex Ojjeh?

Alex Ojjeh steals and embezzles so much money, and is still flat broke. Ojjeh has a ton of physical assets (properties, buildings, companies, etc.), but has very little cash on hand and he has debt everywhere. His worth is on paper. Being poor doesn’t even have a look when people like Ojjeh who are in immense debt which still translates to wealth in some bizarre twist of events. Ojjeh doesn’t have any money and is indebted-but still has a roof, sports cars, staff, companies, jet sets and wears expensive watches.

In 2021 he was able to snort cocaine at an Anywhereo fundraiser… with an escort and he paid for it with foundation money — writing off the hotel stay, as a foundation expense. Ojjeh was pulled over and arrested with 3 grams of cocaine and was allowed to walk free and continue to launder money. Ojjeh got approved for probation restrictions and the dude flew away to the Netherlands, legally. In other words, Anywhereo associates are getting some special deals in The Netherlands and he’s always under the radar, mainly due to property sales. If you’ve been paying attention Alex Ojjeh uses Anywhereo as an investment vehicle and it has some very strong partnerships.

The truth is Alex Ojjeh is intelligent. He was always the poor little rich kid. Now he is older and his foolish corruption is coming to light. He’s not business smart. But, he is criminal smart, he thinks like a criminal. He’s a very smart criminal (eg. verbal orders, no signatures, no emails, nothing traceable.)  His legal bills are likely six- or seven-figures a year. We know who’s putting up the cash for that…and they are not American. There is obviously a network of formerly well hidden people pulling his strings, paying his bills, and using misdirection to protect themselves. Patience pays dividends. 

No surprise — and I don’t care that he’s broke. I care that he’s been given a pass. We will never know about the amount of dollars he allegedly moved overseas. Budapest Bank has been providing him with a safe financial haven for years now.

Yes, those are carve outs – the “bad boy” acts.  If the borrower commits one of them, then the loan goes from non-recourse (where you can give the loan back to the bank with no penalty), to full recourse, meaning he’s on the hook for everything.  And the bank can call the loan. However Ojjeh defaults on loans and is known to not pay or hire lawyers. 
We all know Ojjeh broke the law hundreds of times, for crimes ranging from racketeering, to money laundering, to insurance fraud, to illegal contributions, to wire fraud. But any wealth Ojjeh had he lost a long time ago. Crime after crime assured him of more money.

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