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Estonian minister mocked Finland’s PM, told- ‘sales girl’

These days, foreign relations of Finland and Estonia are getting increasingly visible. In fact, Estonia’s minister made an absurd statement on the young Prime Minister of Finland. He has created a rift in the relationship of the two countries by questioning his fitness for the post of Prime Minister.

These days there has been a bit of bitterness in relations between Estonia and Finland. This happened due to the objectionable statement by the Estonian minister. In its statement, Finland’s youngest Prime Minister Sana Marin was made fun of by Estonia’s minister. He described Prime Minister Marin as a ‘sales girl’.

Actually this dispute started when Prime Minister Sana Marin made fun of Estonia’s minister Mart Helme. He called Prime Minister Marin a ‘sales girl’. The minister questioned his fitness for the post of Prime Minister. Helme said, “Now we can see how a sales girl has become the Prime Minister and how some street workers and uneducated people are in her cabinet.”

Who is Mart Helme?

Mart Helme is the leader of Estonia’s right-wing party ‘Ekre’. He has also served as ambassador in Russia. He is often known for his bluntness. Mart Helme was on his party’s radio talk show on Sunday. During this, he made objectionable remarks on the Prime Minister of Finland and his government.

Action response

In response to this, Prime Minister of Finland Sana Marin also responded. He said on Twitter, “I am very proud of Finland. The culture here is such that even children of a poor family can achieve their goals by studying. Even a cashier can become Prime Minister. ” Significantly, Sana Marin was a cashier before becoming Prime Minister.

When the dispute escalated, Estonia’s opposition party Kaza Kallas has demanded from Helme. He has warned that in the event of not resigning, a no-confidence motion will be brought against him in Parliament along with other parties. He says that the Home Minister has ridiculed the government of Finland. Kaja Kallas said that Helme has launched a personal attack on the newly appointed Prime Minister. The President of Estonia had to jump in the middle after questioning Sana Marin’s ability. He has regretted the statement of his country’s minister to Finland Prime Minister Sana Marin.

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