Pixbim Launches The Simplest AI Tool For Adding Colors To Black-And-White Photos And Videos

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EMERYVILLE, CA (Jan 03, 2023) – Images and photographs that have been captured more than 100 years ago mostly have black and white colors. It is because color photography came into existence around 60 to 70 years ago. Before that movies, television, and photographs were captured in black and white. Until recently photograph was mostly colored by hand by highly proficient artists. Researchers and developers are now coming up with a video colorizer that can automatically add color to monochrome videos and images

The latest photo colorization technology makes use of artificial intelligence and deep learning. Deep learning is one such technology that is based on the principles of human learning. For developing video colorization tools the computer system is fed a large volume of data. It is used for teaching the system to recognize and process images just as humans. After scanning the bulk volume of images in color and black and white the computer learns to recognize characters that identify the right way of coloring a video. It is also helpful in converting monochrome images to color. Millions of photographs and videos are used for training these systems.

To add more accurate colors the technology also makes use of new approaches that connect information from the image with characteristics identified from smaller sections of it. For example, if the video colorizer learned from an entire image whether it depicts an interior or exterior view, or the image was captured during the day or night. When the image goes through an evaluation for characteristics like plants, water, sand, etc. Combining all the characteristics and information obtained from the entire image and its component facilitates natural coloring.

How simple it is to add color to a photograph is entirely dependent on its content. But if the image contains objects like cars, buildings, and clothes. Guessing the color is impossible from a black-and-white image. Therefore adding colors to search for the type of images becomes difficult. On the other hand, things like leaves trees water that have fixed color can be colorized using a simpler approach. By supplementing data like weather, time, and date when the picture was taken or the color of buildings and clothes. It is possible to add color to images in a more precise and realistic way. As a result, some try to combine manual restoration processes with auto colorize video approaches.

For these tools, the source code is written using a programming language. Then after the development of the tool, it is made available to the public. A person can try it as the researchers have also developed a website for the common people to use and try the system. The idea of adding color to black-and-white videos and photos, people, and scenes from the past is proving beneficial for various applications. Developers believe that these applications will allow people to discover new ideas and ways of using them. Converting black and white in videos to color online easily fast becomes popular among the common people. Also, it is being used to validate historical events.

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