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The Magi come this Tuesday to the capital, but what will do differently due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. The ride won’t get the paseo de la Castellana, as it does every year, but that was to be held outside in the courtyard of the Centro Cultural Conde Duque without an audience, adapted to the rules Covid-19, but in keeping with the “tradition”.

From 18.30 hours, and at intervals of 25 minutes, in six different points of the capital will trigger flashes of light in the form of comets and “shooting stars” that will announce the arrival of Their Majesties of the East, so that the children can see it from the windows and balconies of their homes.

The Centro Cultural Conde Duque has been perimetrado and graduated for the occasion and, at around 20.50, will host the arrival of the Magi and their procession to the scenario, where you will be welcomed by the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and the spokespersons of the municipal groups.

The King Melchor he will be responsible to perform a speech addressed to the children of the capital, and will pay special attention to the citizens older “who have suffered so much during the pandemic.” At 21 hours it is estimated that commencement of the firework display in six points of the city as a final finishing touch to the act.

The violinist lebanese Ara Malikian has been commissioned to compose a special melody of Christmas exclusively for the capital and, from the tower of the Conde Duque, the be construed to guide “and make the GPS” to the Magi to come to this meeting point.

The gala, which will be on show at Telemadrid, will be conducted by the magician Jorge Blas because the Government of the capital has enjoyed “the best because the locals deserve to have the best night of the Kings”. For its part, the Italian company of dance Studio Festi has prepared a number of choreographic “very careful” through which it will represent “angels“that will fly over the cultural center.

In addition, Andrea Levy has remembered the action that will perform the quartet madrid Hinds in collaboration with the Municipal Symphonic Band in the Royal Theatre, whose tickets have been sold out. Although the city Council has launched a hundred other tickets because this space has the capacity to carry out the function under the security measures.

“We could steal the tradition the arrival of the Magi from the East when the children of Madrid have behaved so well this year. To highlight the effort in a year as complicated has been the city Hall of Madrid through the Area of Culture to the locals we were able to enjoy all shows and full schedule that we’ve had,” said Andrea Levy, delegate of Culture.

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