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How did Finland make protein from the air?

Scientists in Finland are making protein from the air. He claims that in this decade it will compete with soybean prices.

Protein is produced from soil bacteria, which is formed from hydrogen separated from water by electricity.

Researchers say that if electricity is made from solar or wind energy, then the emission of green house gases in cooking these food will be equal to zero.

If his dream comes true, the world can get a lot of help in solving many problems related to farming.

When I went to the solar food plant in Helsinki last year, researchers were raising funds for it.

Now he says that he has made a way to get investment of around 5.5 million euros. He estimates that by the end of this decade or by 2025, the cost of electricity will be around the cost of production of soy, considering the cost of electricity.

Lack of taste?
I tasted the grain of this expensive protein flour, also called solan, but it had no taste. This is the plan of scientists.

They want to keep all kinds of food without taste.

Ice-cream, biscuits, pasta, noodles, sauces or bread can be reinforced to make a product like palm oil. Inventors say that it can also be used to prepare excellent meats or fish.

Using it, animals in rainforest areas can also be prevented from destroying soy crops.

If things remain according to the plan, which seems to be happening, the demand and supply of protein production in the world can be met years before the projected time.

However, it is one of the many synthesized mines that may be available as an option in the future.

The firm’s CEO Pasi Vainikka has studied at Cranfield University in the UK and teaches at Lappinranta University in Finland.

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