Japan detected a new strain of Covid other than the United Kingdom and south africa



The four affected persons were positive on arrival at the airport tokyo Haneda on January 2, the return of Brazil

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The health authorities in Japan have detected a new strain of the covid-19, which is apparently different to those found in the Uk and South africain several people who have returned to the beginning of the month to the pas from Brazil.

The infected patients are two men and two women, ranging in age between adolescence and quarantine, which were positive for Covid upon arrival at the airport tokyo Haneda the 2 of January from Amazon, reported the Ministry of Health and the National Center for Infectious Diseases (NIID).

Three had shown symptoms such as shortness of breath, fever, and sore throat.

Although the variant detected “shares similarities with the strains that are a reason of worry for his more infeciosidad“recently discovered in the United Kingdom and south africa, this type in particular does not seem to have been identified before,” explained the NIID in a statement which was echoed on Monday local media.

The center of infectious diseases japanese came to this conclusion after sequencing the genes of the virus, which detect twelve mutations, and seal that by the time “it is difficult to determine the infectivity, pathogenicity or effects on the methods of tests and vaccines”and recomend to keep isolated to the affected patients.

The Ministry of Health has reported on the strain both to the authorities of Brazil as well as the Organisation of the World Health.

The number of confirmed infections in Japan with strains detected recently, and of greater transmissibility are elevated to 34, including three infections at the national level, two of them linked to a person who traveled to the United Kingdom, of which it was reported Sunday.

The two new cases of the strain britnica affect two people who dined with a man who had traveled to the United Kingdom and was allegedly in quarantine after testing positive.

About ten people attended the meal, according to details gathered by the daily Nikkei.

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